Dance Competition Teams

The Dance Competition Teams at Miss Louise's School of Dance are designed to further educate those who wish to make dance a major part of their extracurricular life. Dancers will attend dance conventions, competitions and performances throughout the dance season. We teach our dancers to love what they do and present a performance that reflects their dedication and passion for the art of dance. All members must audition or be invited to join. If you would like to schedule an audition please contact Louise (781) 365-1010. 

We typically attend 1 convention, 3 competitions and have a 3 day summer dance intensive as well as summer classes.

(During the summer both the 4 week class sessions and 3 day intensive are encouraged however only 1 is mandatory).

Mini Company Requirements: Ballet, Lyrical, & Jazz/Tap Combo Class & Team Conditioning (3.5 hours/week).

Junior & Senior Company Requirements: Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap & Team Conditioning (4.5 hours/week).