Dance Classes: Age 5 (Recital Participation Included)

Kinder Ballet & Tap: Age 5 (45 minute class)

Students in this class are taught the fundamentals of ballet & tap in a fun environment through the use of creativity and props!

Kinder Irish Step: Age 5 (45 Minute Class)

This class introduces our 5 year olds to the basic elements of Irish dance in a fun way! They will learn basic light jigs, reels and slip jigs. In this class, the student will also learn the importance of listening and following directions in a structured class.

Kinder Acro Dance: Age 5 (45 minute class)

Dance with a twist! This class introduces 5 year olds to the basic elements of jazz while also incorporating gymnastics into their dancing. Students in this class are taught how to properly execute the moves while promoting safety and strength.

Kinder Jazz & Hip Hop: Age 5 (45 minute class)

Want to learn both jazz and hip hop, but can't decide which one? Now you don't have to with our kinder jazz & hip hop combination class! High energy in a fun environment.