Class Dress Codes:

Toddler Trot: No specific dress code- comfortable clothing. Pink ballet slippers.

Preschool Ballet/ Tap Combo Class: Leotard and skirt (Colors of your choice). Pink ballet slippers, pink tights and black ribbon tie tap shoes.

Kinder Ballet/Tap Combo Class: Black Leotard and black skirt. Pink ballet slippers, pink tights and black ribbon tie tap shoes.

Preschool Irish Step:Leotard and Shorts (Colors of your choice). No tights– white poodle socks. Black ballet slippers or Irish dance ghillies.

Kinder Irish Step: Black leotard and black shorts or leggings. Poodle socks and Irish dance ghillies or black ballet slippers.

Level 1 through Advanced Irish Step: Black Leotard, black shorts with poodle socks or black tights. Irish dance ghillies and hard shoes.

Level 1 through Advanced Tap: Black lace up tap shoes.

Level 1 Ballet through Advanced Ballet: Black leotard, black skirt or black shorts, light pink full footed tights and pink leather ballet slippers.

Kinder through Advanced Jazz: Black leotard, black shorts, light sun-tan footed tights and black slip-on jazz shoes.

Preschool through Advanced Hip Hop: Black leotard. Black shorts or leggings. Black sneakers or Capezio Dansneaker. (Shoes must be entirely black). 

Modern/ Lyrical/ Contemporary: Black leotard, black shorts, light sun- tan convertible (footless) tights. Dance footies also known as foot undeez or dancer may wear leather lyrical half shoe if they prefer.

All Acro Classes: Black leotard, black shorts, light sun-tan convertible tights (footless). We will be barefoot for the acro portion of class.Will need black slip on jazz shoes for the jazz portion of class.

Level 2 Tap/Jazz Combo: Black leotard, black shorts, light sun-tan footed tights. Black jazz shoes and black tap shoes (the ones with the laces-tie like sneakers).

Level 1 Hip Hop/ Jazz Combo ClassBlack leotard, black shorts,light sun-tan convertible footed tights. Black slip-on jazz shoes.

Celtics Steppers: Black leotard, black shorts, poodle socks, Irish dance ghillies and hard shoes.

Competition Team: Black leotard, black shorts, light sun-tan footless tights, tan footies OR leather lyrical shoes, pink ballet slippers, black slip on jazz shoes, black tap shoes (regular laces).